Bathroom / April 11, 2024

Travel Cosmetic Bag Essentials for Packing Light*contains affiliate links

I’m forever determined to simplify my packing game and not have a 60lb suitcase. At the same time, I’m also not willing to compromise on the quality of products and essentials I bring on my trips. So, I’ve found a high quality travel cosmetic bag and really nice containers that allow me to condense without sacrificing my must-haves. Because, let’s be real—if I were to pack everything in its original packaging, I’d practically need a separate suitcase just for cosmetics, toiletries, and supplements.

If you can relate, then this post can definitely help you travel lighter. All the items I’ve handpicked are not only practical but also meet TSA-approved standards, ensuring a hassle-free and light travel experience.

travel cosmetic bag set

First you need a quality travel cosmetic bag

Before I tell you all of the essential products that are going to lighten your cosmetic bag, you need to make sure you’re starting out with a quality travel cosmetic bag. Preferably choose one that is waterproof or at least one that has a few waterproof pouches. I have this set of three in this picture, and they normally cover all of my bases.

Depending on what kind of travel I’m doing, I may use them all for big trips or family travel but the one with the double zipper is my go-to Amazon travel cosmetic bag if I’m just packing for me. It’s beautiful and stylish but doesn’t compromise on durability and functionality. It’s fairly big and can hold everything I need. Plus, there’s several compartments and pockets on the inside which makes it super easy to keep everything organized. It has a double zipper design where the entire top unzips so I’m not fumbling around to see all of my products. Truly, this is such a quality cosmetic bag perfect for travel and everyday use.

Try a make up case with mirror option for your travel cosmetic bag

This is a fantastic travel cosmetic bag and it doubles as a makeup case with mirror and light. What I love about it is that you can use this travel cosmetic bag as a makeup organizer at home when you’re not traveling. The compartments can be moved to fit various makeup bottles and palettes as well as a storage board has 10 compartments for brushes and is a makeup case with mirror and light. The light is rechargable and and has three different light settings.

travel bottles for travel cosmetic bag

Lighten your travel cosmetic bag with travel size cosmetic bottles

The number one thing that’s going to lighten your travel cosmetic bag is to avoid traveling with full size bottles like shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotions and so on. They take up so much space and truly, for a week or two long vacation, you don’t need the entire bottle anyways.

I love these squeezable silicone travel size toiletry containers for exactly the things I just mentioned. Whether you travel a lot or a little, these are a travel cosmetic bag essential item if you want to pack light. These particular toiletry containers are so aesthetically pleasing and just match my vibe well. This set comes with five bottles which is a good amount for one person, but I personally needed to buy two to account for my family (husband and two girls). The fact that they’re silicone was also a bonus because it really allows me to get all of the product out. The wide opening makes refilling super simple, and the labeling feature keeps everything organized. I use these toiletry containers mostly for shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and sunscreens and they fit perfectly in a my travel cosmetic bag.

Don’t compromise on what cosmetic products you bring

These little pump bottles and spray save so much space and make it so that I don’t have to compromise on what products I bring with me when I travel. In this particular set, you get two 50 ml spray bottles and two 50 ml lotion bottles with necklocks plus a food-grade silicone packaging sleeve so they all stay nice and neat in my travel cosmetic bag. They even come with waterproof labels, which my inner organizer just loves. These pump bottles are BPA free, truly leak-free, and TSA approved. They’re great for creams, lotions, face wash, toners, hair products, and even come with a collapsible silicone funnel so you won’t spill while you fill. This pump and spray bottle set are also a great option to throw in your purse or carry on for products you want to have accessible.

airless pump bottles for travel cosmetic bag

Use airless pump bottles for your higher-end cosmetics in your travel cosmetic bag

When I’m traveling, I still want to keep my normal skincare routine, but I would literally need an entire extra travel cosmetic bag if I brought all of the full size items with me. Not only are Golden Airless Pump Bottle Travel Set gorgeous, but they’re high quality and take up minimum space in my travel cosmetic bag. The airless technology makes such that your products don’t get contaminated or affected by oxidation which is especially good for your higher end products. It’s great for foundations, eye creams, serums, oils, essences, and any other liquid that needs to be airtight. The design of these airless pump bottles makes it so you can use every bit of product that you put in it, and it dispenses really well. It also comes with a hard plastic case for extra protection while traveling.

Feel organized with a small items organizers

Now that you have all of your liquids and lotions downsized for travel, you need to do the same thing for other items that traditionally go in your travel cosmetic bag.

These small item organizers are so versatile and really help me keep track of all the small items that are doomed to get lost in my cosmetic bag. They actually hold quite a bit and have a transparent top so you can see what’s in them without having to open each one. It also has a push switch design so the lid can’t pop off and items can’t fall out. I use these small items organizers to hold all of my girls’ accessories, clips, hair ties, and so on and also for things like jewelry, Qtips, bandaids, and floss.

Use a pill organizer rather than pack the bottles

Another thing I don’t compromise on even when I travel is my health. I have a vitamin and supplement regime that really supports my body so I feel healthy and energized. If I had to pack every single bottle, I’d need a separate travel cosmetic bag just for that! That said, this compact foldable pill container is a must have. It’s sturdy and has 7 compartments total that each have snap closures so nothing spills. It also has a magnetic folding feature so when you fold it all up, it’s about the size of my hand. So compact and convenient! 

I’m going to wrap this post up by showing you this super handy wireless label maker. Why? Because I know the incredibly satisfying feeling you will get when your travel cosmetic bag is completely packed and labeled. And I want that for you.