Home Office / March 9, 2024

Office Essentials + Cute Desk Decor*contains affiliate links

In my office, I live by a simple rule: only bring in what’s necessary. I want my workspace to be a dedicated zone that magnetizes me in, sparks my motivation, and fuels my creativity.

When I talk about office essentials, I’m not just referring to the office supplies like the usual pens, post its, and paper clips (although here are some of my favorite office supplies). I mean the things I use every day – the must-haves that add to my workspace and workflow.

I’m always on the lookout for items that blend practicality, functionality, and beauty. If it can serve as both an organizer and cute desktop decor, it’s a super bonus.

So enjoy these office essentials below and check out this post if you’re curious about more tips on office organization!

Office essentials can bring more comfort and style to your home office

Ok so these two things don’t come together, but I’m pairing them together here because I’m obsessed with them both and I love how they compliment each other. They add so much vibrancy and fun to my office and are one of those things that magnetize me to my office and make me excited to sit down and work.

Truly, they’re practical office essentials and the cutest desktop decor!

As I mentioned before, I feel so much more productive and creative when I have a clutter free space. These days extra cords are something that need managing which is why this decorative cable organizer box is at the top of my office essential list.

It’s kind of ingenious and makes a massive difference when all of the cords are hidden. You just take a cord out when you need it and push it back in when you don’t. This one is big enough to hold a power stripe and can double as cute desktop decor or be placed on the floor.

Fill your office with things you will want to use everyday

Choose a laptop case that brings you joy – Honestly, you will use it every day, and it makes a difference. I personally enjoy the ritual of placing my laptop in this puffy beige case each evening and neatly tucking it into my desk drawer. My desk is clear and it sets the tone for the next morning when I pull it out of the case and start working.

Of course, you can also use it as a great way to protect your laptop while traveling.

I have a nice desk that I don’t want to scratch, plus at any moment my girls (or dog for that matter) could come into my office, hop on my lap, and spill my morning coffee all over my desk. All that to say that a desk protector is a non-negotiable office essential. The one I use is reversible and has a corkscrew bottom so it’s non-slip. It’s great quality and adds to my cute desktop decor.

Our power goes out a ton in the winter and this power bank keeps our electronics charged. So for me, this is a major home office essential. I can charge my phone, laptop, and earbuds all at the same time. It also works great as a travel charger.

Practical office essentials you will be grateful you have

A laptop stand is an office essential I use every day. My entire home has a neutral organic modern vibe to it so this laptop stand is just my style. It’s easy to put together, super sturdy, a high quality wood and my keyboard fits underneath it for convenient storage.

A fast charger is an office essential for me because there are times when I’m so engrossed in work that I don’t realize I have a low battery and sometimes a girl just needs a quick charge. I also have the cozy couch in my office and end up on it at some point most days and this 10 ft fast charger has been helpful more than once.

Hard drives are obvious office essentials, but I use this one in particular because I create a ton of content from my phone and this hard drive connects directly to your phone allowing you to back up your photos, videos, files and music to easily free up phone storage space.

I like to keep a separate set of basic office supplies in my office that’s separate from ones that everyone has access to, otherwise they end up lost or misplaced or in use when I need them. This gold and acrylic set includes a staple, tape dispenser, scissors, staple remover and ruler that add an elegant touch and are all really well made and are really cute desktop decor when they’re out.