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Women’s Carry Ons for the Modern Traveler*contains affiliate links

Women’s carry-on luggage has come a long way. There are so many cool carry-on luggage options now, from tech infused carry-on suitcases to chic carry-on backpacks and even 2-in-1 garment duffel bags. Each one caters to different travel adventures and preferences.

Personally, my choice of carry-on luggage varies depending on the nature of my trip and who I’m traveling with. For example, if I know I’m going to be traveling with my two girls, then I might opt for a lightweight carry-on suitcase that I pull behind me, whereas when they were younger, I definitely leaned more towards a carry-on backpack so I could be hands-free and carry them in my front pack Ergo.

I tend to be a heavy yet well organized packer, so if I can ever just get away with a carry-on suitcase or carry-on backpack and avoid the hassle of baggage claims or a potentially lost bag, I’m all for it.

My family and I travel often, so I feel like I have a good grasp on what makes a good carry-on bag and why. I’ve listed a mix of 6 different women’s carry-on luggage and carry-on backpack options that I love and can’t recommend enough!

Before deciding on which is the best carry-on luggage or suitcase for you, consider factors like versatility, organizational features, technology integrations, size, weight, quality, and cost. Versatile carry on bags that serve multiple purposes, well-organized compartments, and integrated technology features, like charging ports, can enhance your travel convenience. Of course, always check with your specific airline for carry-on size guidelines!

Ok, let’s get into the women’s carry-on luggage I love and highly recommend.

women's carry-on luggage

My top women’s carry on luggage that you’ll surely love too

This fluted hardside carry on luggage is a go-to travel essential and meets all my needs for a carry-on suitcase. The wavy shell design not only exudes style but also keeps it remarkably lightweight – a crucial feature for someone like me who tends to pack on the heavier side. The TSA lock is a standout feature, providing an extra layer of security, and programming it was a breeze.

women's carry-on luggage

Inside, the main compartment is super roomy with a well-thought-out balance of compartments and pockets, ensuring I stay organized while maximizing the available space. The spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees, so you can roll it side to side and front to back, making it easy to maneuver around the airport. This carry on suitcase has function meets style quality with an easygoing travel vibe.

Side note, this is the luggage cover I use to prevent scratching and protect from the weather.

collapsable suitecase suitcase for apartments

This carry on suitcase is a lightweight, no-fuss kind of option. When you’re ready to travel, it expands into a standard-size carry-on suitcase with a roomy single compartment. But here’s the magic – when you’re not traveling, it collapses down to a mere 2 inches, making it very convenient to store. It’s also waterproof, scratch-resistant, and fits perfectly into overhead compartments. This is a simple but chic piece of women’s carry-on luggage. View the setup here.

women's carry-on luggage

Carry-on bags and backpacks perfect for quick trips

I will forever rave about this carry on duffle bag! The design is brilliant, and it’s spacious enough for 2-3 days of travel. First, you unfold it and it transforms into a garment bag where you can put the clothes that you want to stay wrinkle free. Then, you zip it, pack the interior on top, and voilá – you have a carry-on duffel bag! There are multiple pockets for smaller items, a separate shoe compartment, and a sturdy shoulder strap that make it the perfect carry-on bag for a weekend getaway or a short business trip. Watch me pack it here.

women's carry-on luggage

This carry on backpack is a dream for modern travelers. It’s functional, stylish, and affordable at under $40. There’s a dedicated back pocket specifically for your laptop and a USB charging port where you can keep your charging bank on the inside while charging your phone on the outside.

The main compartment of this carry-on backpack is roomy enough to fit several outfits, plus it has multiple organizing compartments to keep your valuables safe. There’s also a waterproof lining in the middle compartment, so you can separate toiletries and wet items. The front pocket is a great spot for travel essentials you want to access easily, like your phone or earbuds, and there’s even a trolly sleeve that allows for hands-free travel. The water bottle sleeve has stretch, so even when the bag is full, your water bottle doesn’t bulge out of it like with some other backpacks.

Truly, it exceeds expectations and is everything I want in a carry-on backpack and more. Watch me pack mine here.

women's carry-on luggage

The best carry-on suitcase to fit all your travel essentials

This carry-on suitcase is full of extra features. First, it has a front USB charging port, making it easy to power up your electronics using your laptop or a power bank. The hand is designed with a secure built-in phone stand, so you can watch your favorite YouTube channels hands free while you wait for your flight. And it has some great other features that most other suitcases don’t have, like a hidden folding cup holder for your coffee or water bottle and a side hook for your handbag. I love the TSA-approved locks for extra security, and the spinner wheels were super smooth.

As far as functionality goes, this carry-on suitcase is spacious and has several pockets and compartments, as well as straps to keep things in place.

Ps. This fast charger is the perfect travel charger to pair with this carry-on luggage.

women's carry-on luggage

In the world of women’s carry-on luggage, this duffle bag stands out to me as a classy and practical option. It has a generous size main compartment with seven additional pocket compartment combinations, including a wet pocket and a separate shoe compartment. I loved that it came with a matching toiletry bag and that I can use it even when I’m not traveling, like when I go to the gym. It fit great into the overhead compartment and could even be a personal item for some airlines. Overall, I comfortably fit about 3-5 days worth of essentials. The quilted texture made it the perfect blend of style and function.

Choosing the perfect carry-on luggage for your travels

So those are some of the best carry on bags for women that I highly recommend. Wherever you’re off to, I hope these carry-on suitcase and carry-on backpack options help you stay more organized and have a smoother travel experience. I also hope all of your needs are met and you are living a life you love.

I wish for these women’s carry-on luggage and carry-on backpack options not only to keep you organized but also to accompany you on journeys filled with smooth travel and spirit filled adventures.

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