Laundry / March 9, 2024

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Laundry is a constant part of my daily routine which means that I spend a fair amount of time in the laundry room. Of course, I like to keep it organized, functional, and beautiful. This list lays out a few of my laundry room favorites that blend functionality and aesthetics. I hope they’re helpful!

laundry room ideas

This drying rack is really cleverly designed with a unique tripod structure that collapses down when you’re down using it for easy storage. It can hold up to 45 pounds and is really quality made and durable. It has 17 expandable arms where you can put up as many as you need at a time and the arms have hanger grooves to keep the hangers in place. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use and makes drying my non-drying items a breeze.

It’s so easy and convenient to remove wrinkles with this hanging handheld steamer. You just fill the detachable water tank, give it 30 seconds to heat up, and it’s ready to use! It has no leak technology so you never have to worry about water spots, and when you’re done using it you just clip it back into the base unit that you hang in your closet by the top hook. It’s an Amazon bestseller that sold out 3 times in 2023, and I get why!

I store all of my laundry room essentials in this handy little cabinet. It’s perfect for things like clothespins, smaller bottles of softener, clothes, and miscellaneous laundry supplies. The vertical storage creates more space, and it’s surprisingly sturdy!

laundry room organization

I love to store my dryer sheets in this bin! It’s super cute and well made with a 100% bamboo lid and can store up to 240 dryer sheets.

These decorative storage baskets are a great option for your bottled liquid detergent so they’re not just sitting on the floor or shelf. They are great quality and the ribbed design is super elegant and adds to the laundry room aesthetic.

laundry room organization

I do a lot of laundry. These bottles are heavy duty for everyday use and the dispensing pump makes it so I use just the right amount of detergent and softener. It’s a simple laundry room upgrade, and I also love that they come with labels! These laundry organizing jars keep everything in site for quick reach and here are the premade labels I used on the laundry organizers.

I’m a big fan of this portable laundry dryer for its compact design, ventless operation, and plug-and-play functionality. What makes it stand out are the intelligent drying modes that can dry a shirt in just 15-minutes, quickly remove wrinkles, double as a towel warmer, and even offer a sanitize setting that kills bacteria, mites, and odors – perfect for those moments when you forget to wash the kids’ uniforms (oops!) It also has a show setting which gently dries shoes without tumbling. Not only is this portable laundry dryer a great addition to your laundry room, but it’s also a brilliant upgrade for anyone with an RV!

bed sheet organizers

Let me tell you, this bed sheet organizer is a game changer and it sold out over 5 times on Amazon in 2023. Not only does it keep your linens free of dust and allergens, but it’s a big space spacer that keeps your linen closets accessible and organized. It’s great for sheet sets, blankets, and towels. You just lay them in, fold it up, zip it closed, label it, and store it away! 

You can check out all of my laundry room favorites here on my Amazon storefront.