Closet / March 9, 2024

Organize Your Closet Like a Professional Organizer*contains affiliate links

I’ve always been an organized person. I’m not a professional organizer, but I do love systems and can be pretty type-A. I also love fashion and have a lot of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Put those two qualities together and you can understand why my closet looks the way it does.

But the way I make it look as if a professional organizer just waved a magic wand through my closet is because of all the closet organizers I use. There are many different kinds of closet organizers. There are shelf organizers, shoe organizers, hanging closet organizers…It can get overwhelming but truly anyone can organize their closet with the right tools and a little direction. So that’s what this post is about.

Not only will these products make you feel like a professional organizer just sprinkled magic organizer dust on your closet, but they will free up space you didn’t even know you had!

Here’s a few other tips when you’re organizing your closet: visibility is key. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind and just taking up precious space without adding anything to your life or at least your wardrobe.

Another tip is that everything needs a place – hence, all the different closet organizer options. The ripple effect of having too many things without a dedicated place is a big one. Things just wind up in that one corner or over that ONE chair. 

Ok, that’s enough for tips. The closet organizers and the spaces that they create are really what make a closet organized and accessible.

These shoe organizers will double the amount of space you have to store shoes. They keep the closet looking clean and tidy and you can see all of your shoes. I’m a size 8.5 and my shoes fit in here perfectly. I went from putting four pairs on a shelf to six. My heels didn’t fit as well but if you keep the heel off the back, then it works. If you’re shoes are on the floor or in a pile, this closet organizer can make a big difference.

professional organizer shoe organization

First up on my closet organizer essentials list are clear storage bins. Anytime I can make storage look like a display item rather than something being stored, it feels like a win. I use these clear storage bins to display my designer handbags and some of my favorite shoes. They would also work great for keepsakes. They keep all of my favorite shoes and handbags dust free. We have a lot of space at the top of our closet so these help maximize every square inch.

Ps. If you have tall closets like me – this lightweight half ladder quickly became a favorite of mine so I could quickly reach the top of my closet.

professional organizer closet organization

These closet organizers are like having a drawer in your closet. Personally, I use them for my jeans, and I love how you can see each pair individually. Not only are they durable, but the handles are strong, and the fabric makes them scratch resistant so they don’t scratch your shelf. 

professional organizer drawer dividers

If your intimates drawer tends to all mesh together in one big clothing pile in your drawer, then these bamboo drawer dividers are your new best friend. I use this closet organizer to sort my leggings, workout clothes, undergarments, and socks. They’re super well made and stay in place in my drawer. It’s a closet organizer that you can use in other areas of your home as well. 

professional organizer accessories

Belts can be difficult to organize in a way that you can see them. This belt organizer is a favorite of mine because it’s a great way to display your belts and it’s a closet organizer that makes my belts look more like decor than storage while also taking up minimum space. The stack is kept together by magnets so it’s easy to access a belt when you want to wear it.

professional organizer space saving hanger hooks

These space saving hanger hooks can be used on any hanger and are perfect for doubling closet storage, putting outfits together and coordinating like colors. They can hold up to 20lbs and can also be used for accessories like handbags and hats.

Adding even just one or two of these closet organizers will make a big difference in decluttering your closet as well as maximizing your closet space and adding a peaceful element to your room.

For more organizing tools and tips that will help you feel like a professional organizer, you can check out this article or watch some fun videos on my Instagram “Organizers” highlight here.