Kitchen / March 9, 2024

Useful Kitchen Gadgets that Make Life Easier*contains affiliate links

As the primary chef and caretaker of our home, I love finding new useful kitchen gadgets that can make the time I spend in the kitchen more fun and easeful.  Whether it’s an indoor s’more maker that makes family night more playful or useful kitchen gadgets that cut my produce prep time in half, my intention is always to fill my kitchen toolbox with products that have a practical application, save me time, and add an element of fun to the kitchen. So if there are useful kitchen gadgets that fits those criteria, I’ll give it a try because I know it will make my cooking process more efficient and allow me to spend more time with my family. 

I hope these useful kitchen gadgets bring you and your family more connection and ease as well!

useful kitchen gadgets for panty storage

We have leftovers about one night a week, and this useful kitchen gadget to my kitchen tool options has dramatically improved that dinner night. It doubles as a food cover to prevent splatter and speed up reheat time but what’s unique about it is that it also has a built-in water storage box that increases the humidity in your microwave and prevents foods from drying out. So our leftovers come out steaming hot and tasting just like it did when I first cooked it. It’s really as simple as adding water in the storage box. The handle is insulated so you don’t have to worry about getting burned.  See it in action here.

I’m all about the extras – you know, those little additions like protein powder, tinctures, immune boosters, and syrups that jazz up your drinks and make them extra special. And I’m all about my morning coffee (because we all know how crucial that cup is!). So adding this kitchen gadget to my daily coffee making ritual was a no brainer.

It runs on batteries and works with both hot and cold beverages. Of course,  it’s not limited to just coffee – you can use it for any liquid that needs a good stir.

These cereal food dispensers are incredibly convenient and add a beautiful touch to my pantry. They can hold a family size box of cereal, and if you enjoy making or mixing your own granola, they’re the perfect storage solution, keeping everything fresh for longer.

Personally, I love to mix this vanilla almond quinoa with this organic brown flax seed and these organic coconut shreds to add to my yogurt or with almond milk.

Plus, this it has turned breakfast into a fun, self-serving experience for my kids. It’s a win-win for both practicality and style!

I had one of those epiphany moments where I realized how much time I was spending scrubbing produce and so I was curious to see if there was another option. I ended up finding this vegetable washing machine, and now it is a go-to part of my food prep routine.

Watching it purify the produce is oddly satisfying – you can see it working! It’s great for both fruits and vegetables removing bacteria, pesticide residues, and hormones while preserving all the delicious flavors and nutritional goodness.

To use it, you put your produce in water along with the vegetable washing machine. It automatically turns on when it senses water, and after an 8-minute purification, it turns off on its own.

Overall, it’s one of those useful kitchen gadgets that’s far more efficient than my old rinse-and-scrub routine!

This electric indoor s’more maker lets you bring that cozy firepit vibe indoors anytime of the year. It comes with four detachable trays for all of your s’more making goodies plus the cutest little roasting forks. My kids love it, the s’more come out perfect, and it’s great to have in cabinets for hosting.

You know that one spot that’s always wet by the sink? This useful kitchen gadget solves that problem. 

It has a water absorbing stone that holds all of your wet items and dries instantly so your countertops stay dry and clean. You can use it to dry your soaps, scrub brushes, and sponges without worrying about mold and mildew. It’s also made of bamboo so it’s beautiful and functional.

I prefer to stash away my dish rack when I’m not using it to keep the countertop clear. So when I needed a new one, that space-saving feature was a must. This silicone draining mat is what I ended up going with, and it was totally worth the price. Not only is it practical and rolls up for easy storage, but it’s also great quality, has a built in drain, and is surprisingly beautiful.