Bathroom / March 9, 2024

How to Choose the Perfect Makeup Organizer*contains affiliate links

If you’re a makeup girl like me, then you need a good quality makeup organizer. 

Makeup is part of my everyday beauty routine. Some days I go simple with a little tinted moisturizer, spot concealer, sweep of blush, brows and lip tint and others I’m full on with gradient eyes and lined lips. Makeup is a fun, creative, and playful way that I express who I am and how I’m feeling. I’ve accumulated quite a bit of makeup and tools, and so I have a grip on what makes a good makeup organizer. 

You’ll be happy you did – A makeup organizer saves time, money (product gets ruined or lost in drawers or bottoms of bags), and allows you to be more imaginative when you want to be because you can see all the makeup tools you have accessible.

Personally, I love when makeup organizers double as a decor piece displayed in my bathroom and are compact enough that I can fit them on the countertop.

Here’s some things you should consider when buying a makeup organizer: 

Functionality – Makeup comes in all shapes and sizes and so you need a makeup organizer that has several different compartments that are easy to access. Also look for features you want like lit mirrors!

If you’re like me and use your makeup organizer daily, then you want a quality material and sturdy design that’s going to be able to withstand the wear and tear.

Space optimizing
Opt for a makeup organizer that uses vertical space to minimize countertop usage and that has multiple tiers, drawers, and compartments.

This one isn’t a must, but front opening makeup organizers or ones that let you see inside make it so much easier to find the makeup products you’re looking for.

If you’re only going to choose one makeup organizer, perhaps choose one that can double as your travel makeup bag.

Function is key, but I love that my makeup organizer doubles as bathroom decor!

Easy Maintenance
Sometimes product just gets spilled no matter how hard you try. Makeup organizers that are easy to wipe down and clean out.

All of the makeup organizers I’ve listed here are under $50. Of course you can find ones that are way more, but I’ve found that these meet my needs just as much as any other.

makeup and skincare organization

This makeup organizer is that perfect balance of beauty and function. It has a transparent removable top so you can easily access all of your daily makeup and skincare products. The drawers are deep and the transparent lid keeps all of the dust and shower moisture off of your products. 

Not all Make Up Organizers are Made Equal

There’s so many reasons to love this compartment makeup organizer and if I had to choose just one, this would be it. It doubles as a travel makeup bag and stores away great at home. The compartments can be moved to fit various makeup bottles and palettes as well as a storage board has 10 compartments for brushes and a rechargeable light mirror with three different light settings.

I love that this makeup brush holder has a 180 degree door so that all of my brushes can be organized and in view while also being protected. You can even use the back compartment for brushes and the front ones for smaller cosmetics like lipsticks, eye liners and such. Also, the green color is to die for. It looks so good on my countertop and often gets mistaken as decor.

I was impressed with how sturdy and easy it was to put together this 3 tier spinning makeup organizer was. It freed up a ton of space and has a spinning feature that makes accessing products super easy. You can’t go wrong with a spinning feature!

I included this travel makeup bag in my makeup organizer list because it has a kind of ingenious design with the bottom compartment being a brush holder. It’s well made and spacious enough to fit all the makeup I need on a weekend trip.

I hope you find the perfect organizer that fits exactly what you need.