Interiors / March 27, 2024

3 Lux Amazon Home Finds that are Literally Fire*contains affiliate links

When I say literally fire, I mean it. Each one of these table top fire pit options add a nice layer of ambience to any evening, make a space super cozy, are a perfect way to make your space feel more luxurious, and always impress guests.

I love to be cozy and bringing in literal fire not only magnifies the coziness, but it also sets a tone for the atmosphere that’s really only captured when you bring in elements from nature. 

Read all the way through because I saved my favorite one for last, and it’s under $50!

Cylindrical Portable Fire Pit

This portable table top fire pit is a classy addition to any space! The black metal base and clear glass top with stone accents makes it so elegant and beautiful, and the vertical design makes them great for smaller spaces. They give off a nice but not overwhelming amount of warmth, and my favorite way to use these is to create a peaceful atmosphere while I take a bath. Talk about luxurious! (If you do choose to use it for your precious bath time, make sure to also treat yourself to this expandable bamboo bathtub tray so you can take full advantage of tub time.)

That said, I also love using it as a social centerpiece for when I have guests over. It’s just so much easier and more convenient than a traditional fire pit. 

It runs on bio ethanol which means that it’s smokeless, odorless, and clean burning so it’s safe to use indoor and outdoor. This one comes in a large and a small size option, and I recommend having more than one because I use them that much.

outdoor firepit
small firepit

Colsen Portable Table Top Fire Pit

You can make a cozy fire anywhere with this portable table top fire pit. The Colsen Tabletop Fire Pit is portable and made from concrete so it’s very sturdy and aesthetically neutral. It’s an easy and beautiful upgrade to any patio setting or even great to use indoors to add a natural fire atmosphere to your evenings. 

This one is fueled solely by rubbing alcohol so it’s smokeless and odorless and has no ash and no debris  – which means no mess. To use, you just pour in the alcohol and light. It’s really that easy and convenient.

With a 1-hour burn time the fire can extinguish itself or you can just cover it with the lid and the flame goes right out.

I love to use it to make post-dinner s’mores with the kids, light it while friends visit, and even place it on my back soft table so I can enjoy evening reading with a little ambiance and warmth.

Flame Aromatherapy Diffuser

The natural fire atmosphere that this table top fire pit creates is so realistic and luxurious! Not to mention the added utility and benefits of the humidifier and essential oils to combat dust and dry air.

It covers so much space and makes our home smell wonderful plus it’s a touchable flame which means I don’t worry about my kids burning themselves.

To use it, you literally just add water and your favorite aromatherapy scents (Here’s a luxury aromatherapy oil blend I love and use often).

It also has two flame color options – a yellow that’s a more natural fire look and a cool blue and a 6-hour run time with a timer.

I love to use it on darker evenings with the lights off because it gives off this really beautiful mist that creates such a quiet, warm spa-like atmosphere. I also love using it as a hallway light at night.

Overall, I love this table top fire pit, and the price is just unmatched!

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