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Amazon Travel Must Haves for Smooth Travel*contains affiliate links

I don’t know about you, but this year finally feels like the year that I will start traveling again. I just got back from Vegas for my birthday. Personally, I can only do Vegas for a few days, but it was exactly what I needed to feel inspired and invigorated. I have a few other trips planned, and so I wanted to share a few of my favorite Amazon travel must haves for smooth travel.

At the top of my Amazon travel must haves list is a hard shell suitcase. This hard shell suitcase has a front USB charging port, making it easy to power up your electronics using your laptop or a power bank. The hand is designed with a secure built-in phone stand so you can watch your favorite show or browse online hands free while you wait for your flight. It also has TSA-approved locks, a hidden folding cup holder for your coffee or water bottle, and a side hook for your handbag.

I love that this hardshell suitcase is sleek looking, spacious, and that it has several pockets, compartments and straps to keep your belongings well organized.
Ps. This fast charger is the perfect travel charger to pair with this carry-on luggage.

Suitcase Cover

This clear suitcase cover is a universal fit for most suitcases. For me, a suitcase is on my Amazon travel must haves list because hardshell suitcases can be pricey and suitcase covers help to prevent damage and prolong their lifespan.

2-in-1 Garment and Carry-On Duffle Bag

At first glance this looks like a garment bag, but it transforms into a tote! The design is brilliant and it’s spacious enough for 2-3 days of travel. First you unfold it and it transforms into a garment bag where you can put the clothes that you want to stay wrinkle free. Then, you zip it, pack the interior on top, and voilá – you have a carry-on duffel bag! There are multiple pockets for smaller items, a separate shoe compartment, and a sturdy shoulder strap. It’s an Amazon travel must haves item for weekend getaways, and it’s also great as a carry-on duffel bag.

Portable Steam Iron

This portable steam iron is the best one I’ve found! It’s small, compact, lightweight, and easy to travel with. It heats up in less than 25 seconds and you can continuously steam for up to 15 minutes. Plus, this Amazon travel must haves item has a pump steam technology so it won’t leak or leave water spots. The ceramic bottom prevents clothing damage and it can be used on many different types of fabric. When I travel, I pack the portable steam iron in this clear storage bag to keep everything neat and tidy.

Travel Cosmetic Bag

A good travel cosmetic bag is a definite Amazon travel must haves. This one is large, spacious and has 5 pockets to keep all of your cosmetics organized. This is the bag I use for longer trips, and it’s big enough to hold all of my essentials. I love wet and dry pocket options and the top flap is great for makeup brushes. It’s also very durable and the textured design with gold zippers is gorgeous!

Cadence Magnetic Travel Containers

This is one of my favorite Amazon travel must haves! These cadence magnetic travel containers are surprisingly deep and labeled for your different cosmetics and toiletries. They’re also easy to refill, easy to clean, 100% leak proof and TSA compliant. The design is so sleek, and when you’re not traveling, they’re perfect for keeping in your bag.

Airplane Seatback Pocket Organizer

If you want to keep your valuables organized while you’re flying, then this airplane seatback pocket organizer is an Amazon travel must haves for sure. It’s big enough for my computer, phone, water bottle, book, headphones, and still has plenty of room left for my knees!

Portable Charger

This portable charger can keep your electronics charged while traveling so you don’t have to constantly find an outlet or be stuck in one place waiting on your phone to charge. It’s small, compact and can easily fit in your bag. This is an Amazon travel must haves item for planes, amusement parks, and long car rides with multiple people.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

If you’re doing water activities, then this waterproof phone pouch is an Amazon travel must haves to keep your phone and valuables safe and dry. It has a triple lock protection for up to 32 feet under water, and if you leave air in it then the waterproof phone pouch will float. When you’re not traveling it’s perfect for running and pool days.

Connecting Luggage Set

This connectable luggage is an Amazon travel must haves item for families or extended travel where you have a lot of luggage! The fastener panels connect and disconnect easily and you can arrange them in different configurations to keep what you need accessible. When they’re all connected, the connecting luggage set can move as one suitcase which makes navigating the airport so much easier. Of course, each suitcase can also be unstrapped to be used individually. Each suitcase has five built-in compartments so it’s convenient for packing toiletries, belts, socks, and shoes, and other small items without extra packing organizers. They also have extra features like TSA-approved locks, an interior exterior charging port, and a water bottle hook. When you’re not traveling, the connecting luggage set nest within each other making it easy to store.

I hope your travels are smooth and your spirit is filled with adventure. If this post was helpful to you, you might find this one useful as well: Must Have Travel Items Under $40.

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