Beauty / March 29, 2024

Mini Amazon Travel Essentials For the Everyday Woman*contains affiliate links

Travel has been on my mind so much lately! Which is why I’m so into mini Amazon travel essentials right now. They let me daydream, plan and continue aspiring to be a light packer.

I keep imagining myself sunbathing on the lush coasts of the Bahamas or touring the historical pockets of Greece. I know so many people can relate, especially here in the Northern Hemisphere where we’re just coming out of what seems like a very long winter.

WhileI love planning these kinds of dream getaways, I have sadly been part of the ones that have also gone south (figuratively!) when I have skimped out on the right preparations. Really, whether you’re traveling by air, car, or even boat, it’s just not practical to lug your entire bedroom along the trip (and even if you could cram all of your goodies onto the ride, would you really want to carry that load?).

Which brings me to the traveller’s holy grail — mini Amazon travel essentials.

mini amazon travel essentials

Why are Mini Amazon Travel Essentials are so Useful?

I love to bring the luxury of familiar goods with me when I travel, but I hate the challenge of so many unnecessary items and bulky luggage. Which is why these mini finds are a must-have for every traveller’s checklist — whether you’re heading to the cold streets of London or the sweltering beaches of Thailand, products let you spend more time enjoying your travels and less time in the hotel room.

They are not only super adorable, but super affordable.

I refuse to take my full size perfume bottles with me while I travel. They’re fairly expensive and take up way too much room in my cosmetic bag.

So a travel perfume bottle is the perfect way to keep my perfume in my purse to freshen up after a long trip or when I’m on the go. These mini Amazon travel essentials adhere to TSA restrictions for liquids in carry-ons. Savvy travelers will love that this product is cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing!

Don’t mistake sunny islands for moist lips. I’ve made that mistake before and let me tell you – never again! Packing a mini lip balm takes up almost zero space and helps you not only hydrate your lips and maintain moisture throughout the day. That way, you won’t have to look back on a photo album filled with chapped lips.

As much as I gripe over cloudy weather, no one likes trudging through a humid day. At this point in my life, I pack a mini fan for so many reasons including that I just want to look and feel my best and also be able to go on all the adventures. This mini Amazon travel essential keeps me cool while I stroll about the day and I love that it fits right in my fanny pack.

These mini amazon travel essentials let you freshen up on the go

If you’re someone who loves a little midday touch up without seeming too impractical, this 3-1 in 1 bronze, brush and highlighter is the perfect beauty meets function trio. The stackable design is perfect for space-conscious packing, as well as fixing up your look on the go.

So, you’ve got your makeup — but with how expensive and broad makeup brush collections can be, you probably don’t want to bring that on your trip. Mini make up brushes solve the issue of size and practicality — they are compact, affordable and can support almost every look. 

Makeup naturally shifts throughout the day especially when you’re traveling and on the go. It’s super impractical to carry a full cosmetic bag around with all my goodies, but these mini finger powder puff  are pure magic for foundation, concealer, and blush application on the go. I swear these keep my makeup flawless and avoid pictures with a smudge face!

These products save a ton of room in your toiletry bag

I still love to exfoliate and cleanse my face well while I travel, but I avoid using hotel clothes if I can. These compressed facial sponges are disposable and so convenient to travel with. I love to put a few in my purse to use after the beach to give my skin that rejuvenated look.

It’s incredible how much space this Venus mini razor saves in my cosmetic bag. It is the mini Amazon travel essential to account for.

Why is it that my hair always tangles more when I travel? Carrying a mini hairbrush will save you from the worst of tangles regardless of the weather conditions. Sure, you can always try and finger comb your tangles and call it a day, but it’s just so nice to be able to be out all day and go straight to dinner without having to go back to the hotel to freshen up.

I hope these mini Amazon travel essentials let you spend more time enjoying your travel and exploring the places you love and less time freshening up in the hotel. You can thank me later when you tell me all about your travel adventures!