Health and Wellness / March 31, 2024

Tracy Anderson’s Vitality Week*contains affiliate links

I have moved with Tracy Anderson for 10 years.  I started on her DVDs and graduated into her streaming platform a few years later.  Tracy Anderson Vitality week at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach was finally my chance to meet the celebrity trainer in person, workout with her and maybe just maybe get a picture with her….?

Wow! Were my expectations way off.  I arrived early the first day to make sure I was set up and ready to go.  Many of the Vitality week women also showed up early, and some had been to a Tracy Anderson’s Vitality week before.  After speaking for only a few minutes we all became fast friends.  There was the cutest pop up shop with the most adorable clothes. Tracy’s whole team was super friendly and focused on the first day, so I was a little intimidated to introduce myself.  After getting settled, the announcement was made to get into our assigned MyMode Box spots because Tracy was arriving.  

Tracy Anderson purposefully walked in moments later, not one word was spoken.  She knelt on her MyMode Box, picked up the Heartstones and a sound bath began.  I had never used the Heartstones before so I was very unfamiliar with the movement and what I was supposed to be doing with them.  This movement lasted around 20mins and then we moved into our traditional workout method.  

When Tracy lifted her arms to begin the arm sequence, that I am VERY familiar with; I got the chills.  She performs the movement with precise execution that she has spent 25 years perfecting and after 3 hrs of movement we were handed a green smoothie and settled in to hear Tracy’s thoughts and lecture.

One of the other reasons I really wanted to attend was to learn more about her research and how her method fights against aging of the body and preventing disease.  Women came forward with stories of perfect Dexa scans, women who have had injuries and were healed by her method. I am sorry but I have never heard of anyone being healed from injuries by exercising with pickleball, running or lifting heavy weights, you only hear OF injuries. 

Tracy Anderson is everything I expected her to be, yet so much more!  She is strong with her words, she states exactly what is on her mind with no regrets and she speaks with conviction.  Tracy is a pioneer in the female fitness industry, with the largest female based study of fitness in women.  To say that she understands the female body, hormones and how muscles respond to movement is an understatement.  Her body of work speaks for itself and you can learn more about her method from her website linked here.

Her lectures were informative of her research and we spoke a lot about the movement of the method and making space for each move, making space in your brain and making space not to be perfect.  She unpacked heartstone for us.  This new special practice is meant to be a place where you dump your ego’s narrative before you start your busy day and the powerful practice of the method. The Heartstones have physical weight to them, so as you move you have already started your workout creating balance where there is imbalance. Sometimes we only have 45mins to workout so every moment and every movement needs to count.

 I am a person who cannot meditate.  I have tried and tried and it doesn’t work for me.  If I have learned anything from Tracy, never force things.  If you are tired, sleep.  If you are hungry, eat. And if a workout or meditation or a person in your life doesn’t serve you, remove it.  You have to let things painful things go and heal from the trauma of the experience and dump the narrative.  Make peace with yourself.

I was absolutely able to center myself with Tracy’s new practice of Heartstones.  The practice allowed me to set intention with my workout, calm my nerves and move in her practice in a more fluid and present way.  It is the practice of emptying, per Tracy.

Tracy was humble.  She never left the room, never left the mat, she stayed with us the entire time and lead us in her thoughtful and creative way. Her family had traveled with her to Palm Beach and came in and out of the room and asked her questions as she played her roles of wife, mother, friend, daughter and trainer to all of us.  Her family sacrifices so much for the world; to allow Tracy to lead this community of women, who will then go into the world with better intent and knowledge and create a ripple effect in the homes and communities to empower even more women to move and be the best version of themselves.

She made each and everyone of us feel so special and so heard.  She wanted to know ME, she wanted to know all of us.  She wanted to know our stories and connect with us. And I can almost be sure that JLo and Gwenth Paltrow probably texted her while she was hanging out with us!  How crazy is that!? 

The community of women who found their way to this Vitality Week at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach were an incredible group of women, who were all so beautiful inside and out.  They brought so much energy and experience to the room. 

Tracy really drove home this point to us.  Women have a tendency to look in the mirror and pick themselves apart.  When we constantly put ourselves down over and over; it effects every part of our life.  And Tracy said “Guess what!  YOU can’t change it”  You can’t change your hair from curly to straight, if you are naturally curvy, you can’t be not curvy; so dump the narrative and use that energy to do other things. 

If you are interested in experiencing Vitality week or even want to start your practice with Tracy by streaming, my take away from Vitality week with Tracy Anderson is to come with an open heart, don’t place expectations on anything and come ready to learn. 

If you are coming just to star gaze at Tracy or get a front row place by her, then your experience will suffer.  If you are open, you can find so much more at Vitality week then a picture opportunity for your Instagram feed. Speaking with Tracy’s two main trainers Julia and Kristien were some of the funniest conversations I had all week.  I want to report that both of them let me see their “notes” they take when Tracy is creating our workouts and we all laughed so hard (IYKYK) about what they wrote down for the moves that Tracy preforms.

If you have never heard of the Tracy Anderson Method, I encourage you to try it and become part of our community. If you are already moving with her and you have never been to a Vitality week, I would encourage you to go. It is so much more than a photo opportunity, but I still took the photo…wink, wink.