Bathroom / March 9, 2024

Affordable Yet Luxurious Bathroom Accessories & Decor*contains affiliate links

When I decided to remodel our master bathroom, I knew it was going to be a huge undertaking. However, I had a clear vision. I wanted luxurious bathroom accessories and decor so that my bathroom felt spacious, plush, and comfortable. If you also want to incorporate affordable yet luxurious bathroom accessories and decor into your space, you are going to love these products that helped me bring my vision to life.

master bathroom remodel

Some things to keep in mind as you map the vision for your luxury bathroom

Incorporating seemingly mundane items like shampoo and conditioner bottles and Q-tip holders to intentionally be part of your overall bathroom decor can really elevate the entire vibe of the room.

Enhancing the sensory experience is an often overlooked effort that can make a big difference

Lastly, focus on matching small details, like the cream and gold elements in many of the listed bathroom decor items. These seemingly minor touches add up in a more cohesive and visually pleasing aesthetic when brought together.

Even the most mundane items can become luxurious bathroom accessories

These high-quality and attractive reusable gold shampoo and conditioner bottles come with premade labels. They are spacious and perfect for holding a lot of products. This is great for me because it means that I can consolidate product into larger bottles. Therefore, I don’t have to store half-empty hair wash bottles in my cabinets or on my shower shelf. These reusable shampoo and conditioner bottles come in a set of 3. If you have different hair care products you want to differentiate, like a deep conditioner for example, then I recommend buying two sets with different lid color options so you can tell the difference. 

When the shower starts to steam up, this eucalyptus shower bouquet is so fragrant. I love how the smell fills the bathroom and adds an element of nature to the space. For this reason, it’s at the top of my luxurious bathroom accessories list.

This mouthwash dispenser is a prime example of how you can turn an everyday necessity into luxurious bathroom accessories. It’s super sleek looking and comes with two reusable and color-coded magnetic cups. You can even program how much you’d like it to dispense based on different family members’ preferences. The mouthwash dispenser is rechargeable, and it can also be mounted to the wall if you don’t want it to take up precious counter space. 

This vanity mirror will transform your bathroom vibe. It comes in several different sizes to fit your bathroom decor and space needs. I love how much easier it makes my makeup routine!

I feel like I’m sitting on a plush cloud every time I use this vanity chair. It’s such beautiful bathroom decor and I use it every day. It’s very sturdy and fits perfectly under my vanity.

Small luxurious bathroom touches can make a big impact

You will be really impressed with how well made this shower shelf is and how much it adds to your overall bathroom decor and shower organization. The adhesive is strong and it has drains on both sides so the water doesn’t collect in the bottom. The reusable shampoo and conditioner bottles that are also in this post fit perfectly on this shower shelf and look great.

I didn’t know I needed a fast drying bath mat until I got one. The mineral surface evaporates water the moment you step out of the bath keeping your floor dry and free from damage. It feels like the fast drying bath mat is literally pulling water off my feet, leaving them remarkably dry and clean. It serves a practical purpose and is a beautiful bathroom decor piece.

I really love this makeup organizer. It’s very sturdy and is big enough to hold my skincare, makeup and even some hair care products. I also appreciate that it keeps my countertops clear and doubles as bathroom decor.

This essential oil diffuser can cover a 400 square foot room and will run for 50 hours when it’s fully charged. 

It looks great as bathroom decor and it’s also battery operated and portable so you can use it in any room or take it to work with you. This is one of my favorite scents called Dream On.

luxurious bathroom accessories mens organizer

My husband needed his toiletries organized and he was very happy with this marble mens bathroom organizer. It’s large enough to hold his electric toothbrush, electric shaver, shaving cream, aftershave, and cologne. 

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