Home Office / April 19, 2024

Office Organizers that Enhance Productivity*contains affiliate links

Every home office needs office organizers to avoid the inevitable paper piles, lost documents, misplaced chargers, and every drawer inevitably becoming a junk drawer.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that organization is kind of my thing, and that is especially true when it comes to my home office. It’s a space that I am in every single day working on creative projects, testing new finds, creating content, and growing my business. So, of course, it can get messsyyyy.

On top of that, I normally have a lot to get done in a short amount of time. So I can’t be distracted by a messy office. When you have everything in its place, you’ll spend less time searching for things and more time to actually get work done. Which is why office organizers are the unsung heroes that keep my workspace neat and organized. Office organizers allow me to create an environment that reflects that mental space I need in order to feel motivated, be productive, and do creative work.

So in this post, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite office organizers and desktop organizers. But first, I want to give you a few more office organization ideas that will make you more productive!

home office with office organizers

Tips on how to organize your home office

1. Personalize your office. Infuse it with plants, special pillows, artwork, or unique decor. A pleasing environment is a proven productivity booster. Maybe you come up with a theme or color and craft your workspace around that. Just make it your own!

2. Keep non-office items out. Like I mentioned, a home office can get cluttered quickly. So keep in mind that if it doesn’t contribute to productivity or aesthetic, it doesn’t belong in your workspace. Everything should have a place where it lives.

3. Buy office organizers and desktop organizers that keep things neat but also accessible. When you are shopping for home office organizers, keep in mind that things need to be functional first. Because at the end of the day, what’s the point of organization if you spend ages digging for things in drawers?

4. Embrace the art of labeling. This is a personal productivity secret of mine, and no, I’m not just saying this because I get a silly amount of satisfaction from having everything labeled. It genuinely saves time when navigating through folders or hunting for specific cords. By labeling your office supplies and documents, you can quickly find what you need without having to rummage through drawers or piles of paper.

5. Maintain a task management system whether it’s digital or a daily planner. I know a lot of people have gone digital, and so have I, but I just cannot let go of my physical planner. It’s beautiful, it gives me a sense of accomplishment, and I just love the physical act of crossing things off my to do list.

Ok, so those are my office organizing ideas. Now let’s talk more about my favorite office organizers and desktop organizers that will transform your office into a haven of productivity and creativity.

white filing cabinet office organizers

Office organizers make your office space more peaceful

Do you ever find yourself searching through stacks of paper or multiple desk drawers for a document, only to find it in the most unexpected place? It can be so frustrating. Personally, I do not like to have random paper piles around that never seem to have a home so a filing cabinet is an office organizer that solves that problem.

This stainless steel filing cabinet is sturdy, easy to assemble (says my husband), and has a neutral white aesthetic, so it looks clean and matches my modern organic office vibe. It’s a 3-drawer filing cabinet and comes with locks, which is a great way to keep important documents and even electronics locked up. I also had fun decorating the top of it with other cute office essentials.

Use desk drawer organizers to declutter your office

Without drawer organizers, your office space is doomed to have at least one junk drawer. It’s just true! Sometimes it’s so funny how you can find the most random things in that drawer. So I love this 6-section acrylic drawer organizer for all of my office supplies like pens, paperclips, staples, and such. It has removable panels as well so you can personalize this office organizer it to suit your needs.

clear trays for office drawer organization

Use clear office organizers to avoid sorting through drawers

If you really want to go deep on office organization, this 18-piece stackable drawer storage organizer tray set is the office organizer of your dreams. They’re stackable so you can take advantage of vertical office drawer space and also customizable so you can use any combination of trays to fit your desk drawer needs.

Personally, I have been writing more personalized cards lately, and I needed to organize them better. So I used these office organizers to stack similar items together, and it worked beautifully. Since it has a clear design, you wouldn’t have a hard time fitting it to whatever theme or vibe you have in your office. If you want a visual, check out a little ASMR office drawer satisfaction for yourself.

Ps. Here’s all of my favorite home office supplies.

Use desktop organizers to keep your workspace functional and beautiful

Most of my office essentials are tucked away into drawers, but I have a desktop organizer for anything that’s out! This gold desktop organizer saves so much space. It has interchangeable compartments and keeps all of my necessary stationary tools accessible like these beautiful gold and acrylic scissor and stapler. The gold and clear combo adds a beautiful, modern, and chic vibe, that I love.

Believe me, I try to digitize as much as possible, but try as I may there is always some sort of paper that needs printing. So this desktop document file organizer is perfect for those papers I need accessible, don’t want to forget about, and don’t want my girls to use as drawing paper.

I normally have my laptop, my iPad, and my phone with me while I’m working so it’s nice to have a way to store them in a way that doesn’t take up all of my desk space. Good thing I found this vertical electronics desk organizer which is adjustable, can hold two devices easily, and was super simple to put together.

cable box to hid chargers and chords

Use an aesthetic cable organizer box to conceal your chords and chargers

We have so many chargers, cables, adapters, and chords for all of our electronics. So, I feel like a cable organizer box is now a family must-have and definitely an office organizer essential. I get so many compliments on this one because it’s aesthetically beautiful and people think it’s cute office decor rather than a box hiding all of my cords!

You can use it as a desk cable organizer for your cords so you can easily take out cords and pop them back in when you’re done or place them on the floor. It truly makes such a difference in my office space when a bunch of messy cords aren’t all over!

cable box organizer

Organize the cables and chargers you aren’t using in a multi-tiered cable storage box

As a family of four, we have a lot of different electronics that have different chargers as well as earbuds and other accessories that often just get thrown in drawers. And worse, we know that when cables are tangled or bent at awkward angles, they are more likely to become damaged over time. That’s why I love this 3-tier cable storage box. It has removable dividers and is large enough for all of our family’s cords. Plus, it’s beautiful and another one of those items that people often think is decor rather than storage.

Use a label maker to organize everything within your office organizers

I have saved the best for last: a label maker. Labeling things not only makes my life easier by saving time sorting through things to figure out what they are but it brings me so much peace of mind and satisfaction. It is an ultimate office organizer. I love this particular label maker because it’s bluetooth, wireless and compatible with my iPhone. Plus, it has a variety of templates, fonts, and styles you can choose from to customize your labels.

There you have it! If you start here, you will be well on your way to a beautifully organized office that brings you more peace of mind and clarity so you can focus your energy on being productive and creative rather than looking for things and picking up messes.

And if you’re curious about my thoughts on home office essentials, check out this post that includes my home office set up with cloud support and a colorful keyboard.