Bathroom / April 16, 2024

Bathroom Organizer Essentials for the Beauty Lover*contains affiliate links

After we remodeled our main bathroom, I really went to town on getting it organized. For me, that meant getting many different bathroom organizer essentials so that everything had its own place, and it was easy to maintain. I also wanted it to look beautiful. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I’m always trying to add a touch of beauty even to the most mundane things like bathroom organization. I have to say I’m pretty proud of how organized my bathroom is now, and I am so grateful that the remodel is done!

I hope these products are helpful in bringing more organization, beauty, clarity into your life and home.

Organize your bathroom closet with clear storage bins

When I started organizing my bathroom, I knew that I needed to get my tower cabinet under control after the remodel! For me, clear durable storage bins are the ultimate bathroom organizer. I love that they let me see everything that I have so I don’t waste time fumbling around trying to find what I’m looking for.

This clear storage bin set has a sliding drawer face comes with really a large pack of preprinted labels that have a minimal design and include almost any label you can think of that you’d need to organize your bathroom.

bathroom organizer bins used under the bathroom sink

Use clear storage bins as an under the sink bathroom organizer

I also used these clear bathroom organizer bins to organize under our bathroom sink. They’re stackable and the face slides out like a drawer so I was able to put two on top of each other, and then add one of these clear trays on top for taller items.

makeup organizer as a bathroom organizer

Use a multi-tiered make-up organizer for all of your cosmetics

Before getting this tiered makeup organizer with drawers, I had all of my makeup in drawers, the bathroom closet, toiletry bags, and sometimes it even got left unpacked in travel cosmetic bags. This bathroom organizer takes up minimal countertop space while freeing up space in my closet and bathroom drawers. It can hold portions of my skincare, makeup and even some of my hair products and comes with two complimentary containers. Now, everything has a place, and it double as cute bathroom decor!

Use a make up brush holder that doubles as decor

This makeup brush holder is really a lux for less bathroom organizer find. I’m determined to keep my bathroom drawers from overflowing while also keeping my counters decluttered. This makeup brush holder helped with both of those goals. It’s beautiful. I love that it has a 180 degree sliding door and the three large compartments are enough to organize my makeup brushes as well as other small cosmetics. For reference, this makeup brush sets fits perfectly in makeup brush holder show here, and it is a brush set that I use often.

Use a small countertop jewelry organizer for the pieces you wear daily

Having a jewelry organizer helps me keep the jewelry I wear most within reach and untangled. This jewelry organizer has a simple, modern design with 5 rotating layers so there’s plenty of space for all of the pieces that I wear daily. It looks great on the counter and is also lightweight so it makes a great travel jewelry case. It has been a great bathroom organizer because I’m able to put the jewelry I wear daily on the counter and the rest in another room.

Use a silicone heat-resistant mat to organize your hair tools

Hair tools tend to take up a lot of space, and I struggled to find one that worked for me. I ended up going with this silicone hair tool bathroom organizer, and I’m so happy I did. This hot tool drawer bathroom organizer is made from 100% silicone so it’s non-slip, easy to clean, and heat resistant. The individual dividers keep the hot tools separated and the chords organized. I can even use it to store my hairdryer as well as my brushes. What I really love is that I don’t have to leave my hair tools on the counter when they’re still hot. Because it’s made from silicone, I can just put them back in the drawer and don’t have to come back to clean up later or worry that my girls will bump into it and get burnt.

Use bathroom organizer options that have built-in compartments

In general, drawers can be challenging to organize. Bathroom drawers, in particular, tend to get the messiest overtime because things just get randomly thrown in them. I love this 18-piece stackable drawer organizer I use for toothpaste, toothbrush head replacements, floss, and so on. You can customize it to fit your drawer using the different size tray pieces, and it gives everything its own separate space. They’re also stackable so if I had more of a certain item I could utilize vertical space and stack them higher in the drawer. Another great bathroom organizer option are these plastic containers that have several different compartments. It’s a great way to keep give random items their own space.

floating shower shelf bathroom organizer

Don’t forget a bathroom organizer for your shower, too!

Anytime I can gain a shelf without having to drill, it’s a win! The addition of this floating shower shelf made my shower feel so luxurious, and it was so easy to install with the adhesive backing. It is very strong and can stick to different types of surfaces plus it’s wide enough to hold all of my shower goodies. I really appreciate that it has drains on both sides so it prevents water from collecting. It’s a great way to add a shelf in a shower that doesn’t have one and keep everything off the shower floor. Side note, these are the refillable shampoo and conditioner pump bottles that I use for my shower necessities. I’m sharing them because I love them and I know they fit really well on this shelf (and because they have labels)!

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