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Under Kitchen Sink Organizer Options to Declutter Like A Pro*contains affiliate links

Under kitchen sink storage tends to become a catch-all for cleaners, bags, scrub brushes, and half full soap bottles. But it doesn’t have to be a chaotic space with cleaning supplies all piled on top of each other. An under kitchen sink organizer can be the perfect solution to maximize storage and declutter your under the sink space so you have easy access to all of your kitchen cleaning essentials. In my experience, the most useful under kitchen sink organizers are ones that utilize vertical space because it effectively doubles your storage capacity.

under kitchen sink organizer storage

Set the foundation for your under kitchen sink organization by protecting your cabinet base

First, set yourself up for success with a water-resistant under sink mat. A lot of people skip this step, but I think it’s an important step in keeping your under the kitchen sink space organized and clean. There always tends to be dripping water or a wet sponge that can really cause damage if you don’t notice it quickly. A water-resistant under the sink mat will protect your cabinets from water damage and create a grippy foundation for your under kitchen sink organizer options to stand on.

under kitchen sink organizer for sponges and scrubs

Don’t feel pigeonholed into drilling holes in your cabinets for under the sink storage

I gained so much more under the sink storage when I added this 2-tiered metal sliding baskets to my under kitchen sink organizer options. Not only is it spacious and holds all of my cleaning brushes, but the drawers slide out making it easy to see items all the way in the back of the drawer. I have even place heavier things on the top and lighter things on the bottom of this 2-tiered sliding basket and have had zero issues with tipping.

under kitchen sink organizer for soaps and trash bags

Using clear bins will make it easier to find things without digging through your under kitchen sink organizer bins

I use these clear stackable storage bins for extra trash bag roll storage as well as to hold all of my cleaning supplies like soap bottles, rinse aids, and disinfectants. They would also be a great under kitchen sink organizer for bags or any other smaller items loose items that can go together. I love that these stackable storage bins are clear so I can see everything inside them without having to dig around.

Under kitchen sink organizer options can still be beautiful

I am a proponent for adding beauty to the mundane and these decorative under kitchen sink organizer baskets do exactly that. They are really great quality and the ribbed design is super elegant. I use them to organize my rolled up dishcloths, but they would also be great for any single items that you have multiples of — like sponges, reusable gloves, or plastic bags for example. Because it’s not clear, you just don’t want it to become yet another bin of odds and ends. Again, I love how these decorative under kitchen sink organizer bins make add some aesthetic beauty to a place you would expect it.

For that reason, I also love having a dishwasher pod container allows me to condense multiple boxes of pods together and is so much more beautiful than the manufacturer’s box. This one is metal so it’s durable and easy to clean.

Work around your kitchen sink plumbing with an expandable under kitchen sink organizer

One thing that makes it challenging to find a good under the kitchen sink organizer is having to work around the plumbing and garbage disposal. It’s an awkward shape to work around, but you can totally piece together different under kitchen sink organizer options. Another great option is this expandable under the kitchen sink organizer. If I had to choose just one option that would most dramatically improve under kitchen sink storage and organization, it would be this expandable under sink organizer. It’s designed to fit around your water pipes and basically doubles the amount of under sink storage by utilizing vertical space. It can hold up to 40 pounds and, depending on the size of your under kitchen sink storage, you can still use a decorative storage bin or a 2-tiered sliding storage bin in the center for items that need to be contained.

Contain your trash bags in a dispenser

Trash bags always seem to come unwound or I take one too many and have a trash bag floating around the cabinet. So this trash bag dispenser is an easy and stylish way to keep them contained. I personally use this in a drawer and not as an under kitchen sink organizer because I didn’t want to drill in my cabinets. However, I was totally tempted with the idea of utilizing vertical wall space and freeing up even more room. So, if you’re ok with a little drilling, then this trash bag dispenser could be great for you!

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