Bathroom / April 3, 2024

The Ultimate Deep Cleaning Gadgets to Save You Time and Money*contains affiliate links

My house has a lot of pet hair and crumbs from two kids and a dog. That’s just the truth. So I’m constantly cleaning up one mess only to discover another, and then, seeing that the bathroom needs a deep cleaning too (if you get it, keep reading for some helpful products that make deep cleaning so much faster and easier). On top of the chaos, I just really love a nice clean, clutter free home, not just for the sake of appearances but also for my own peace of mind and sanity.

So, I’m all about finding products that not only make deep cleaning more efficient but also easier on my body and help avoid paying for progressional deep cleaning services. PLUS, I am an infamous stress cleaner and these deep cleaning gadgets make that a lot more fun and satisfying!

Get Deep Cleaning Gadgets that are Versatile for Many Surfaces

One of my favorite deep cleaning gadgets of all time is the Bissell SteamShot. It can get into places where no other cleaner has gone before, and I can use it on so many surfaces from my stove cracks to my outdoor grill. It also sold out several times this last year, and was one of my favorite Amazon finds.

Small but mighty, the Bissell SteamShot can be used on any hard surface and has 10 different attachments to clean many different areas in your home. I was truly impressed with how thoroughly it cleaned my kitchen oven, and I could not believe how much grease came out with the deep cleaning scraper tool.

There’s just something about getting into those hard to reach places when I’m deep cleaning that leaves me feeling accomplished and is oh so satisfying. After I was done with the oven I set out deep cleaning my refrigerator vents, and the Bissell SteamShot blew out all of the dust and cobwebs that I didn’t even know were there!

Clean Those Hard to Reach Places with the Bissell SteamShot

One area that always used to give me problems and takes so much effort to clean are my window sills. With the Bissell SteamShot, I’m able to clean my window sills and glass crevasses in a half hour without the elbow grease it normally takes to achieve that freshly cleaned look.

Last but not least, I love to use the Bissell SteamShot when I’m deep cleaning the outside of our outdoor grill. If you’re a grill lover, then you know how easily the grime builds up. But the combination of steam, pressure, and the scrubbing attachment, the Bissell SteamShot made it so easy to scrub our grill and make it look new.

Other reasons I really love the Bissell SteamShot steam cleaner is because it uses pressure and steam to remove the grease and grime rather than chemicals, which just feels like a better option for my family’s health. Overall, It’s lightweight, super easy to refill, and comfortable to maneuver around the house.

Remove Stubborn Stains with a Carpet Cleaner

Stains, stains go away! Like I mentioned before, I have two girls and a dog. So removing stains can become like a part-time job. Which is why I genuinely regret not purchasing the Bissell Little Green Pro carpet cleaner earlier. This deep cleaning gadget is nothing short of heroic and a must have for families with pets and kids. It has saved our family tons of time, money, and elbow grease by being able to easily remove stains rather than replace things. It’s fairly lightweight, portable, and comes with several different attachments for different surface types.

This is one of those deep cleaning gadgets that make sense for everyday use plus deep stain removal. I could not believe how powerful it was and how well it worked to remove stains that had been around for awhile. As a bonus, it’s also great to clean car upholstery.

I had this stain on my rug for a long time and the Bissell Little Green Pro removed it effortlessly.

Cleaning the actual machine was also super simple. You just dump the dirty water and flush the hose with clean water. One heads up I would give is to make sure you’re pointing the sprayer down when you’re spraying out the cleaning solution. I got a little messy the first time I used mine, but it got the stain out! 

And it’s not just about stains – when I give our home a deep cleaning, this really makes it feel like a professional deep cleaning service came to our home. I don’t know about you, but I can always use more of that!

Sweet bonus: Each purchase of a Bissell Little Green Pro carpet cleaner goes towards the company’s pet foundation and mission to help save homeless pets.

Try a Steam Cleaner to Go Chemical Free

I was hesitant at first to go commit to buying a full size steam cleaner, but I’m so glad I did! Personally, I went with the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner with Advanced Cleaning Pack, and I rave about it!

This portable steam cleaner will clean, disinfect, sanitize, degrease, and deodorize any surface in your home using steam only. No chemicals. Plus it’s handheld, lightweight, and very portable.

My bathroom is all tile so it can be kind of a task to keep it clean. That said, this steam cleaner cuts my cleaning time practically in half. It comes with a 17-piece professional deep cleaning accessory kit that is so comprehensive it’s unbelievable. You can use it with microfiber pads like these ones or any regular cloth or towel as well. The little brushes were great for deep cleaning between my bathroom tiles as well as our mudroom tiles, and the squeegee attachment is perfect for cleaning my shower all glass shower. 

Overall, this steam cleaner is a deep cleaning must-have that makes me feel like a professional deep cleaning service came to my home. Plus, it is also one of those products that makes deep cleaning so much easier on my body.

Let an Electric Spin Brush Do the Deep Cleaning for You

IMHO every home needs an electric spin scrubber. It makes deep cleaning so much easier, faster and more fun. The one I have comes with 7 replaceable cleaning heads for all different cleaning scenarios and surface types and has a 90-minute run time. The long handle makes it so easy to stand up and clean my tiled shower floors and walls and is so much more gentle on my body because I don’t have to bend over or be on my knees to clean.

electric scrub brush on stove

Plus, this electric spin brush transforms into handheld scrubber for things like sinks, stovetops, grills, and so on. I use it on everything from deep cleaning my checkerboard floors to scrubbing my kitchen stove.

Ok that’s a wrap on deep cleaning gadgets for now. I hope it was helpful! Happy cleaning and if you’re inspired to get any of the products let me know how they work for you.

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