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Cool Home Gadgets for Modern Living*contains affiliate links

I have always been a person who loves being on the front end of trends and technology. It brings me joy and excites my imagination. So when I find cool home gadgets that are practical, affordable, or add a layer of comfort and convenience to my family’s busy lifestyle, I’ll likely try it! From high tech appliances to technology that improves home safety, each cool home gadget I discover adds a modern touch to different aspects of daily life. One of my favorites at the bottom of the list is under $30 so make sure to scroll all the way through!

fingerprint door handle cool home gadget

Try a Fingerprint Door Handle for Convenience and Security

This fingerprint door handle is one of those cool home gadgets and delivers on all fronts when it comes to adding convenience and peace of mind to my life. No more fumbling around to find my keys or stressing about hiding keys in obvious places (under doormats and plants, anyone?) while keeping my fingers crossed that nobody stumbles upon them.

The fingerprint technology is sleek and straightforward. Basically, you install the door handle and then use the app to program who has access.

Speaking of the app, it’s well-designed and includes all the features I was looking for. You can unlock your door remotely, check the entry record to see who has come in, receive alerts for specific family members’ entries, and even generate temporary codes for friends and family to let themselves in when you’re not around.

It comes with two manual keys just in case the batteries run low, but 4 AAA batteries should be good for a whole year so I wouldn’t worry about that.

What’s more, this fingerprint door handle is an ideal solution for securing specific rooms in your house that you prefer to keep off-limits – like where you store your valuables and such.

nightstand charging station is a cool home gadget

A Nightstand Charging Station Adds Ease and Ambience to Your Nighttime Routine

I keep many essentials within reach on my bedside table which is why I was really excited to find this tidy little 3-in-1 nightstand charging station. It has a clean design, is very practical, and eliminates the hassle of phone charging cords.

Both the nightlight and speaker are wireless and portable so you can take them off to use elsewhere in your home. Personally, I love using this cool home gadgets to listen to audiobooks and podcasts while I go about my daily activities or provide light background music when guests are over. 

The ambience that the light provides is perfect for nighttime vibes and you just tap it to turn on. The wireless phone charging pad is so convenient and efficiently charges my phone. It’s a versatile addition to your bedside table or even your office. This nightstand charging station is genuinely praiseworthy!

Let the Light in with this Cool Home Gadget

Whether you want to make opening hard to reach drapes easier or you’re on the smart home automation path, this remote control automatic curtain opener was so easy to install and fit seamlessly over my curtain rod. The set up instructions were really straightforward, and I love that you can program it to open when the sun rises and close when the sun sets. It works with any room in the house, and the batteries last 6-8 months so you only need to tend to it once or twice a year.

Ps. if you need new curtains, these custom Amazon curtains are gorgeous and such great quality!

Say Goodbye to Dust Clouds with A Cordless, Self-Emptying Vacuum

I love this cordless, self-emptying vacuum. It’s modern, sleek, super lightweight (only 6 pounds), cordless, powerful, and so much quieter than my corded vacuum. As someone who vacuums a lot, the freedom from cord limitations and entanglements is a major plus. The 60-minute run time was plenty for my usage, and it gives you the time battery life estimates based on what power level you’re using.

You can adjust the vacuum height and with the dual brush it easily switched from carpet to hardwood floors. Another thing I loved about this vacuum that it eliminated my need for a smaller dustbuster by just switching out the brush attachment. 

The real game-changer though is that this cordless, self-emptying vacuum is self-emptying which means that you push a button and all the dirt you’ve swept up is emptied into a tidy little bag that you can easily change out. So there’s no dealing with the usual dust cloud and dirt mess every time you empty the vacuum. I consider this one of those must-have cool home gadgets because I enjoy cleaning, and it’s so much more advanced than most vacuums on the market.

The Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser is Cool Home Gadget I Didn’t Know I Needed

The Innovia paper towel dispenser looks super sleek on my kitchen counters. For me, having one of these cool home gadgets is a convenient way to grab a paper towel when my hands are full plus change something that is normally aesthetically bland (paper towel) into a more modern feel.

It was super easy to program. You just swipe your hand in front of the sensor, take the amount of paper towel you’d normally use, and the next time you use it, it automatically dispenses the correct amount.

You can either use the Innovia automatic paper towel dispenser with batteries or plug it into an outlet. I have two kids and a dog, so I prefer batteries so that I can easily take the entire thing with me to clean up messes around the house. For those times when you need more than the normal sheet or two, you simply keep your hand in front of the sensors until you have the amount that you need. This automatic paper towel dispenser will retract any paper towels that aren’t being used back into the container so it’s less waste and less unraveled paper towels all over the kitchen countertop.

Feel Safe and Secure with a Light Bulb Security Camera

Anything that adds peace of mind for my home and family grabs my attention, and this light bulb security camera is a prime example!

Installation is super easy – screw it into the light socket, connect to Wi-Fi through the app, and you’re set in just 5 minutes. It has horizontal and vertical rotation, so the camera covers my entire outdoor entry space and more. You can easily adjust the camera’s position and angle and the advanced AI motion detection is impressively accurate in distinguishing between pets and people.

These cool home gadgets also have 2-way audio which is perfect for calling the kids to dinner and the recordings are really clear and can be viewed live or saved for later.

For an added layer of security, it also has infrared night vision, a spotlight, and a siren that is quite loud.

To top it off, this light bulb security camera is under $30.

under counter puck lights cool home gadget

No-Drill Puck Lights Make a Huge Difference in Any Space

Installing these puck lights was a breeze compared to the hassle of hiring an electrician. I love that they’re rechargeable and LED, plus this cool home gadget includes a magnetic mounting disk for a simple peel-and-stick installation on any surface.

The warmth and ambiance these lights bring to my kitchen is so luxurious and the 100 hour run time is substantial for my use. Even better, they can be programmed into two groups for separate control using the remote. The puck lights are motion activated with a hand swipe or can be controlled with the remote – and the remote doubles as a cleverly mounted wall switch (if you want to mount it).

But here’s the real highlight for me: the dimming feature. Adjusting the brightness is as easy as holding down the remote switch and I can adjust the light for whatever I need at the moment. 

Cool home gadgets can make mundane aspects of life more fun, increase your home security, and add a contemporary touch to your home.

May you get ever closer to a future filled with joy, comfort, and effortless living.

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