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Chanel’s Dad Sandal: A Stylish Stumble?*contains affiliate links

Chanel’s Dad sandal has become a fashion must-have, but whispers of discomfort have begun to overshadow its chic aesthetic. The culprit? It was the back strap for me!  I had purchased the Dior Dioract sandal the year prior in the powder beige color and they were hands down the most comfortable sandal I have ever worn and still look brand new this season. I thought that adding the black Chanel Gate No5 Dad sandal to my collection would be the perfect investment for this season, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This lack of flexibility extends to the sole itself. They are made with a surprisingly rigid material, the sandal offers minimal foot bend, making walking a chore rather than a pleasure.

Let’s Talk About Chanel’s Dad Sandal Comfort & Quality

These comfort concerns raise questions about the brand’s commitment to quality. Chanel has long been synonymous with luxurious craftsmanship, yet the Dad sandal seems to fall short. Chanel handbags, for example, have seen their prices skyrocket in recent years, nearly doubling in just three years. I have an older Chanel flap bag from 2010 that has held up so amazing! Especially when compared to my newer 2021 Chanel 19 flap bag that is already showing chips and scratches all over the hardware. Does this sentiment coincide with the upcoming departure of head designer Virginie Viard? While Viard’s tenure has been commercially successful, some fans worry it may have come at the expense of the brand’s core values. I just don’t see the quality with Chanel anymore? Compared to my Celine Triomphe (pictured below) that I have absolutely carried to death, shoved it under airplane seats and thrown in the backseat of my car and looks brand new 1 year later.

While luxury goods often boast prestige and timeless quality, the high price tag shouldn’t solely rely on brand recognition. If a designer item like the Chanel Dad sandal prioritizes aesthetics over comfort and features a poorly designed strap and inflexible sole, its investment potential crumbles. For an item to hold value, it needs both exceptional craftsmanship and enduring wearability. When considering luxury goods as investments, functionality and quality become paramount. This ensures the piece remains desirable and retains value over time. This begs the question: is the quality keeping pace with the cost? With Viard’s departure on the horizon, perhaps Chanel will take this opportunity to refocus on creating beautiful pieces that continue to be stylish and well-made.  After all, true luxury should encompass both form and function.

chanel gate no5 sandals
This outfit looks great, but my feet were in so much pain!

I Tried the Hermes Chypre Sandal Instead

Since I was out a lot of money with the complete failure of the Chanel dad sandal; I decided to try the Hermes Chypre sandal for a lot less money. I was also hoping for the quality of the Birkin on my feet. In contrast to the discomfort of the Chanel Dad sandal, the Hermès Chypre sandal is lauded for its exceptional comfort. Crafted with high-quality materials like calfskin or suede, the Chypre conforms to your foot shape, offering a luxurious feel. The secret lies in the combination of a soft, supple upper and a cleverly designed anatomical rubber sole. This sole flexes with your foot, mimicking its natural movement and ensuring a smooth, comfortable stride. Hermès’ commitment to quality shines through in the Chypre’s construction. The meticulous stitching and use of premium materials speak to the brand’s heritage of artisanal craftsmanship, making the Chypre sandal a perfect example of where comfort meets luxury.

chanels dad sandals

Don’t Rely on Chanel’s Dad Sandal to “Break In”

I will admit that when I tried the shoes on in the store, I felt the back strap poking right away. The sales woman insisted that all her clients love this sandal and that they will break in the more I wore them. I believed her! So please learn from my very costly mistake and ditch the “break-in” mentality!  Uncomfortable shoes will not magically transform; and invest in comfort you can feel from the moment you try them on. I try on a ton of shoes each month for my job. I can promise you that my most comfortable shoes are the ones that nailed the try on sess!

Brooke wearing Chanel's dad sandals

If you love Chanel and have always wanted to own more pieces I would recommend buying second hand or maybe buying a belt or a piece of jewelry that was made 5 years ago. The quality will be much better and the price so much better! I have always loved Chanel. I do hope they can work out the quality concerns that many of us are having. Until then, I’ll be exploring what other designer houses have to offer, where hopefully exceptional craftsmanship meets comfortable wear.

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