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11 Amazing Airport Outfit Options to Travel in Style*contains affiliate links

When it comes to choosing an airport outfit, it’s all about blending comfort and style in ways that match your trip length with the activities you’re doing when you land at your final destination.

For example, if I’m headed to the midwest in the middle of winter on a redeye, I’m going to choose a totally different outfit than I would if I were on a 14 hour flight to Europe.

Lately, I’ve been super into matching sets because they’re so easy and you can almost always dress them up or down, and I always choose flats because heels at an airport are just not practical for me.

Feeling good while flying makes a big difference, and a great airport outfit is just that special touch of comfort in a setting that isn’t always comfortable.

That’s why I’ve rounded up 11 of my most comfortable and stylish airport outfits I know you’re going to love, as well as some things to consider as you choose an airport outfit that is right for your travels!

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What to Wear to the Airport

1. Comfort Comes First

A comfortable outfit can make or break your flight. Nobody wants to spend long flights and layovers in uncomfortable shoes or suffocating pants. So, when I travel, I choose outfits that are both comfortable and stylish. Slip-on shoes, loose tops, and bottoms, or even sporting outfits are ideal.

For short flights or casual trips where I have to attend an event straight from the airport, I may go with stretchy jeans and a nice top or a matching set that I can dress up or down by adding the right accessories so that when I land I still look put together.

For longer flights, I stick with loose clothes and comfy shoes because I like to relax and maybe even catch a nap.

2. Put on layers

Layering is more than just saving space in your suitcase. I almost always choose to layer because it can get chilly on the plane (although, you can always ask for a blanket, just a side note!). Different travels require a different approach to outfit layering.

Going to a sunny beach? Layer warm weather pieces like tanks under a lightweight cardigan that you can easily put in your carry-on when you land. This will keep you warm on the plane but cool and comfortable when you land.

Headed to the midwest in the middle of the winter? Try layering a matching sweatsuit set with tennis shoes or boots and a baseball cap. You’ll still feel stylish but ready for the weather when you land.

Overall, try sticking with thin, wrinkle proof layers that you can take off and put back on easily and that can store away easily in your carry-on.

3. Go for breathable fabrics

Airport and airplane temperatures can be unpredictable, but somehow I can almost always guarantee I’m going to sweat at some point especially if I’m running late! Which is why breathable fabrics like cotton or cotton blends, linens, and bamboo are ideal for the perfect airport outfit.

airport outfit

What to Never Wear to the Airport

Never say never – but I highly recommend avoiding a few things when it comes to choosing the perfect airport outfit.

Say No to a Constricting Airport Outfit

Avoid wearing tight clothing that limits movement, such as high waisted jeans, pants with no give or excessively tight leggings. Sitting in tight clothing for extended periods, combined with fluctuations in cabin pressure and temp, is just a combination for discomfort. If the plane gets warm or you have to rush to board on time, tight clothing is going to rub you in all the wrong places. Stick with loose and comfy like I suggested above.

Skip Dresses and Jumpsuits

Maxi dresses, long skirts, and jumpsuits may seem like a one-and-done option, but they never go over well in my experience. This seems especially true for when I’m traveling with my kids. Trying to use an airport restroom in a jumpsuit while organizing my carry-on, purse, and child (or two)…I’m sure you can imagine why it’s a bad idea and so time consuming.

Choose Minimal Accessories

I always have on some sort of accessories, but I choose ones that I can remove and put back on easily and that are not my most expensive jewelry pieces. I also almost always go belt free and avoid wearing anything else that might cause issues or take up too much time when going through TSA.

Wear Simple Shoes

We still have to take our shoes on and off in the US so avoiding shoes with lots of lacing or buckles is a must. Flip-flops can also seem comfortable, but they don’t really provide adequate support. Also, avoid wearing high heels. I figured this was a give-in but am saying it just in case you’re tempted to feel extra cute in your airport outfit. Just think about running to your gate and twisting an ankle or an unexpected delay that causes you to spend extra hours in the airport to change your mind!

11 Amazing Airport Outfit Options to Travel in Style

All Black Aesthetic airport outfit

Cap Sleeve Top & Pleated Pants

Track Jacket with Jumpsuit Combo airport outfit

The Rib-Knit Cardigan Travel Set airport outfit

Lightweight Black  Sweatshirt and Sweatpants Duo airport outift

Stylish Airport Sweater Top & Knit Pants Set airport outift

Crop Track Tank & Wide Leg Jacket Pants Set airport outift

Cropped Shacket with Chunky Booties airport outift

Cozy Chic V-Neck Lounge Set airport outift

Neutral Gray airport outfit

The Celeb-Inspired Knit Set airport outift

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