Beauty / June 24, 2024

10 Travel Makeup Bags that Fit Everything You Need*contains affiliate links

Packing isn’t easy. Whether you’re going away for the weekend or jetting off on a bucket list vacation, you want to have everything you need. It’s not outfit planning that’s the hardest part of packing. It’s finding the right travel makeup bag. Having a versatile and compact makeup travel bag can help make travel a little less stressful.

It can take some trial and error to find the right travel makeup bag for you. Everyone’s different, and there’s a portable makeup bag for every type of traveler.

The key is to decide what type of travel makeup bag you need. Do you need something light and minimal? Can you store all your products in one bag? What type of products do you travel with?

I’m sharing 10 different types of travel makeup bags that double as storage or as your on-the-go makeup kit.

travel makeup bag

Choosing the Perfect Travel Makeup Bag

Everyone’s travel makeup bag needs are a little different. You’ll want to consider the products you use every day and whether you’re carrying full-size or miniature versions. Check out my blog post Cosmetic Travel Bag Essentials for Packing Light that will help you cut the size of your travel cosmetics in half.

If you pack light or have a travel set of makeup products, you can use a smaller, compact makeup bag. If you can’t live without your full-size products, give yourself a little extra wiggle room with a bigger size. Frequent flyers should look for travel makeup bags with extra organization and features like built-in mirrors.

Travel makeup bags aren’t just for vacation. Large capacity styles are great for everyday use and can fit in your gym bag or work tote.

Versatile Travel Makeup Case Options

The best travel makeup bags are ones you can use at home or on vacation. Vanity-style train cases are large enough to hold most of your everyday products at home and double as a travel makeup bag.

Kalolary Travel Makeup Train Case

Wandering Nature Travel Makeup Organizer

Telena Cosmetic Bag

MOMIRA Travel Makeup Train Case

travel makeup bag

Convenient Makeup Travel Pouch for On-the-Go

Sometimes you need to grab your makeup bag and go. Whether you’re doing your makeup at work or heading to the gym, you need a bag with a large capacity. These on-the-go travel pouches can hold your entire makeup collection with extra pouches for jewelry, skincare, and vitamins.

Abiudeng Large Double Layer Makeup Bag

Telena Travel Toiletry Makeup Bag

BIVIZKU Checkered Makeup Bag

Cunno Preppy Letter Makeup Bag

Compact Makeup Bag for Easy Travel Organization

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok lately, you’ll know that compact travel makeup bags are one of the biggest trends of the summer. Perfect for throwing into a beach bag or to use as a walking pharmacy for medication and supplements. These chic makeup bags have portable designs and great functionality.

Cirea Puffer Cosmetic Bag

NEWSEE Flat Open Travel Makeup Bag

Choosing the right travel makeup bag helps you stay organized on the go, whether you travel with just a carry-on or want a vanity case for staycations. Think about the products you use every day and how to make your packing more compact.

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