Closet / April 25, 2024

Closet Organizers Under $40 That Make a Big Impact*contains affiliate links

As a busy mom who values fashion and functionality, it is important that I keep my closet organized. When my closet gets disorganized, I find that the chaos and stress spill into other facets of my life. Therefore, I made it my mission to find the perfect closet organizers to help maintain calm and order in my lifestyle.

closet organizers

I have found a range of stylish and affordable closet organizers, all under $40, that have enabled me to streamline my wardrobe with ease and elegance, so I wanted to share them with you!

hanger hooks

The Best Hanger Hooks for Closets

Space-Saving Hanger Hooks

These space-saving hanger hooks allow you to stack hangers together to maximize your hanging closet space. They help you keep sets together and group similar clothes onto one hanger. For example, you can put a skirt and top set together or put all your jeans on one set of hanger hooks. I also love using these space-saving hanger hooks to put together all my outfits for the week.

Each hook can hold up to 20 pounds. The universal style means they are compatible with all hangers. They come in 20, 60, or 100-packs for tons of closet organization.

Hanger Hooks for Small Items

Little tops like tank tops, bras, bralettes, swimsuits, and sports bras have always been a challenge for me to keep organized. They are hard to hang on conventional hangers and can get messy if tucked in a drawer. This tank top hanger is a lifesaver for hanging small tops like this.

I can store many of my tank tops on this one hanger and still see them all. I love that this closet organizer utilizes vertical space and can hold sports bras, camisoles, bras, and swimsuits. It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s very strong and will last forever.

Game-Changing Closet Drawer Organizers

Closet Drawer Organizers

I needed a good, space-efficient way to store all my jeans. These closet drawer organizers are the best options I’ve found. My formerly messy jean stack is now neat and tidy, and I can see each pair individually when picking out an outfit. The closet drawer has a scratch-resistant bottom, so these closet organizers won’t scratch your shelving and are durable for everyday use. They work standing up or lying flat, so they are adaptable to any closet.

If hanging organizers are more your style, I also love this hanging shelf closet organizer for wardrobe items like jeans or t-shirts.

Bamboo Drawer Dividers

Another one of my favorite closet organization solutions is these expandable bamboo drawer dividers. They are great for neatly sorting smaller items like workout gear, undergarments, and socks. They stay securely in place while you sort through your items, and their adaptable design makes them a versatile solution for any wardrobe.

Clear Shelf Dividers

If your closet has many flat shelves but no cubbies or drawers, these clear shelf dividers are a secret weapon for keeping it organized. Nothing is worse than making a neat stack of clothes only to have them collapse over or get mixed up as you sort through them. These dividers keep everything neatly organized and separated in neatly folded piles. For a limited time, they are on sale on Amazon for under $40.

Closet Organizers for Shoes and Accessories

Purse and Hat Hanging Closet Organizer

I like to switch out my handbags often, so rather than keeping all of my purses in a bin or basket, I love having this purse and hat hanging closet organizer so I can easily see all of my bags. I was impressed with how sturdy it was and how much space it saved!

Shoe Organizer for Closets

I love shoes but keeping them organized has always been a challenge for me— until now. This shoe organizer doubles my storage space and keeps my shoes neat while letting me still see all my shoes at a glance, making getting dressed a breeze. If your shoes are currently scattered on the floor or piled haphazardly, this closet organizer will make a significant difference in your daily routine.

Bonus Closet Storage

If your closet is overflowing and still needs a little extra help, these over-the-door hanging organizers are great to put on the inside of the door to maximize your hanging storage space. The compartments are perfect for small items like socks, accessories, or extra bits and bobs.

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